A week with my grandparents

As you may have gathered from the title, I am spending a week with my mom’s parents!  They have a sweet little house just two hours away from where we live, and they’re working on building a farmhouse on their property.   Their farm property is only a few minutes away from the “temporary” house.  They bought the house they’re living in so they can rent it out later, and so they have something more sturdy than a tent to live in right now.

Grandmother and Grandaddy came to our house on Sunday for Mom’s birthday, then brought me and Emma back to their house today.  They say that we can lay around and read, and sleep, and watch movies, and eat.  Grandparent’s rights, and all that good stuff.

We are planning on helping out with a lot of things while we are here too, though.  Emma’s going to plant flowers with Grandmother, we’ll cook and clean, random jobs, and I’m going to paint the living room!  But the most important reason we’re here is to spend time with them.  They had this wonderful dog named Henry (short for Henry Augustus Maximilian the Fourth) that lived with them, and gave them something to take care of.  But just last Saturday, due to unknown causes, poor sweet Henry died.  They are still grieving the loss of that wonderful dog; Grandmother and Grandaddy loved him so much.  I think that us being here and giving them companionship is a big deal. 

Really, my grandparents are some of the few people that make me feel loved, cared for, happy, safe, and special.  I love being with them! 

I’m sure that we will have lots of adventures together, and I will give you an update of them all later.  But right now, we’re going to the bread store and then the farm.

Until next time!

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