A Barefoot Tale: The Beginning

Many of you have heard about my Barefoot Professor.  And if you haven’t, you are about to.

This man is my upper-level anatomy professor, and he literally walks around barefoot all the time.  I think the only two times I’ve seen him wearing shoes in class this semester, there was snow on the ground.  So, pretty self-explanatory, right?  He’s barefoot.  He’s a professor.  (glad you’re with me thus far)

Well, on top of being a hard core kind of guy, he also wrote a book about it.  And not just a crazy whack job book – a really well studied and scientifically accurate book.  All about why you should go barefoot through life.

And you know me.  If something random and seemingly nerdy strikes my fancy, I’m hooked.  Of  course he told us about this book at the beginning of the semester, and I’d thought about it a lot, but hadn’t been able to get ahold of one.

Until one particular day in class, a week or two ago.  Asking all of us what he posed as a “difficult question”, I thought he genuinely wanted an answer (and I knew it), so I told him.  He was so surprised and pleased that someone in his class actually studied outside of lecture and knew things we hadn’t covered yet, that he reached into his bag and pulled out his book.  He said, “You like going barefoot, right?  Here.  Read this.”

I did.  I started it.  And it’s amazing.  Absolutely spot on, mind blowing, and fantastical.  I love it.  It’s challenging and inspiring.

And it poses the question – why don’t we kick off our shoes?  Not just when we’re sitting alone at home, but also at school and work and walking down the road?  Many people think it’s illegal and dangerous, but they’re almost entirely wrong.

So, while I do want to tell you all the amazing reasons to go barefoot, I will save that for a later post (probably a series of them).  For the moment all I’m going to do is pose a question.

What would happen if I did spend more time without wearing shoes?  What would happen?  Would I get weird looks?  Be kicked out of places?  Would my feet hurt or feel better?

If you know me at all, you know I’m a science girl, and a social experiment girl.  I love to see what people will do when faced with something unusual.

Like a crazy chick walking around with no shoes on.

What will people do?  I guess we’ll find out now, won’t we.

And I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.  Read about it.  Share it with your friends.  And maybe, just maybe, kick your own shoes off and go for a walk.  You never know what might happen.

(Note:  For anyone interested in reading the aforementioned literature, it is The Barefoot Book by Dr. Daniel Howell)



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