100 Days of Summer

No.  It’s not like the movie 500 Days of Summer.  I don’t even know what that’s about….  So just no.

This is, from the day I get out of school to the day I come back in the fall, there are 100 days of summer break.  Exactly.  No more, no less.

And there’s just something kind of special about the number 100.  There are a hundred pennies in a dollar.  A hundred years in a century.  It’s a nice, round, even, beautiful, large, full-of-potential kind of number.

So what does one do with 100 days of summer?

That’s exactly what I plan on finding out.  Right now I should be studying for finals…  But THEN –

I could discover new places,

Read new books,

Meet new people,

Rediscover favorites,

Find healing,

Deepen friendships,

Fall in love with life,

Introduce the world to something awesome –

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

And there are a hundred days to explore each and every one.

I may write a blog post every day for 100 days detailing my adventures.  I may get bored of that and secretly revel in my sorrows and triumphs.  But it will be fantastic.  Every one of those hundred days.

Because if each and every day was lived with that kind of intentionality, wouldn’t life be a lot more fun?


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