A quick note…

For some time now I have been using a pseudonym on any public profile I had.  Partly to remain anonymous, partly inspired by Mark Twain, and partly just because I’m weird.

But now I feel God calling me to step out of  the shadows.  There is no courage in saying hard things if you are hidden behind an avatar!  So the name is changed to mine.  And I think I’m okay with that.

On another note – IT’S OFFICIALLY FEBRUARY!!  And (as sad as it is) I have FINALLY mailed my best friend her Birthday/Christmas present (her birthday is in October…Christmas is December…yeah….).  Okay, so, being on time isn’t exactly my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love deadlines!  I love the sound they make as they go whooshing overhead.  But the gift is finished and mailed!

Well…that’s about it.  Real exciting, right?  But it’s life.  Take it as it comes, boring or otherwise.

Until later,



Merry CHRISTmas

Having just come through the holiday season I have a few bumps and bruises, but am no worse for the wear. 

Yes, I am sick of those wintry jingles that seem to play every few minutes on the radio. 

Jingle Bell Rock?  How about we smash the stereo with a rock! 

Holly Jolly Christmas?  It’s the best time of the year you know.  Best time of the year to get earplugs. 

But you know, listening to these songs that in the end all started sounding alike, started me to thinking (a dangerous pastime). 

Tune in to any station, and you will hear a plethora of tinny jangling songs.  Even the “Christian” stations will play these ho-ho-hos and ding-dang-dongs. 

So why is it this one time of year, the one time that we are supposed to be most focused on a baby that was born 2000 years ago, that we turn to secular traditions and tunes? 

I really had to laugh at K-Love last week.  The cheery announcer lady said “Remember the Reason for the season” and then promptly played Here Comes Santa Clause.  Which brings me to my second point.

If we, the people who worship the One God of the universe and thank Him for sending His Son here to save us, can’t focus on that for more than a few minutes at a time, what hope does everyone else have? 

To tell you the truth, if I wasn’t a believer, I would be terrified of this holiday season.  It’s supposed to be the most magical time of all.  But say all you have to look forward to is lots of cooking, lots of shopping, lots of wrapping, movies and songs that feature talking slush piles and flying moose with glowing faces, adults drinking too much alcohol, kids eating too much candy, and family that you don’t really like being around you all the time.  What in the world is magical about that?

On the other hand you have a young girl, despised by her family and friends, traveling hundreds of miles while in the third trimester, giving birth to a baby in a dirty stable with animals all around.  Trying to care for an infant with no place to stay and people constantly after you.  There’s not much glory in this either, if you think of it that way.

But then you have to think of how brave this young girl was.  She could have been STONED TO DEATH for getting pregnant out of wedlock.  And her betrothed?  Talk about a brave man.  To stay with the girl who is carrying a child that isn’t yours.  And the shepherds.  They were the most despised people in the land, and yet they were the first to see the very special new baby.  And the baby!  How many births are accompanied with the singing of all the angels in heaven?

Then that baby grew into a boy, and that boy into a man.  And that man lived a perfect and blameless life, then chose to die a horribly painful death to pay for all the sins of all the people who would ever live.  But he didn’t stay dead.  Oh no.  He came BACK to LIFE, and is now waiting for the right day and the right time to return and claim all those that have accepted His Gift of Free and Eternal Life. 

And THAT is why we celebrate this time of the year, and why we should celebrate EVERY day of the year.  Because of a special Man that made a special sacrifice.  All because His Father sent Him to be born in the most humble of places. 

The speck of dirt called planet Earth.

Merry CHRISTmas to all,

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