Raise It Up

People think I’m crazy.  Which really is fine, because I probably am.  I mean, just look at my previous blog posts!  Get my late night rants condensed onto one webpage and you have the perfect recipe for 1) A good laugh, 2) A change of heart, 3) Serious offense, or 4) All of the above.

Seriously though, if you see a girl driving down a hill with her hands in the air, it’s probably me.  If that girl crashes because she doesn’t have her hands on the wheel, feel free to stand over her mangled wreck and laugh at her.  Of course, if it isn’t me, people might think YOU are crazy…just sayin’…

Back to the hands thing.  People really do look at me funny when I put my hands up.  And I do it a lot.

Roller coasters (screaming all the way).

Driving down hills (like a mini roller coaster, I swear!)

Waving (very enthusiastically!) at people I know.

Waving (very enthusiastically!) at people I don’t know.

Waving (very enthusiastically!) at people who aren’t even people.  Like birds.  And squirrels.

And then there’s worship.  When I feel God speaking to me through a song I raise my hands.  Not all the way sometimes, and at others as high as I can reach.  That’s when people really look at me funny.

If you go to one of those churches where worship is like being in prison, you know what I mean.  When the people singing “Glory to God” look like they’d rather be on the rack, there’s a problem.  And then there’s the people that kind of want to get into the music, so they do this weird swaying thing, but they’re not really letting themselves move…yeah…like dancing in a straight jacket?  Anyway, one person finally works up the courage to raise their hands above waist level, and it’s like they walked into church without pants or something.  People stare, and then look away embarrassed that someone would have the audacity to move more than the allotted three inches, then stare again.

The thing is, most people around that person with their hands up high are wishing they had the courage to do the same.  “Wow!” they think.  “That guy really has guts!”  NO.  That person has hands.  They’re just in the air.

Here’s the really cool part.  You have hands too!  Who knew, right?  If you don’t have hands, you have arms, or a head, or feet, or SOMETHING!  (Side note: if you don’t have a head, there’s a lot more going on here than I want to enter into…).  That person in worship, that crazy gutsy person, just has one thing that maybe you don’t.

They don’t care what you think about them.

*Gasp!*   Did she just say that some people don’t care what I (ME!  A person with lots of judgments and opinions) thinks? 

Yes.  Yes I did.  The people with their hands in the air are focused on God, worshipping Him, and what He thinks of them.  And (believe it or not), it’s a much happier way to live.

So next time you are feeling the tug on your shoulder muscles, don’t resist.  If you are on a roller coaster, in the car (hopefully not driving), see a friend, see a random stranger, see a butterfly, or are singing a song that moves you, go for it.  Be the crazy person everyone else wishes they were.

Don’t fight it.  Just do it.

Because life is a lot more fun with your hands in the air.



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